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Soy Rosbel

I help you exceed sales goals with a methodology that I developed and allowed me to sell +$50M USD < 2 years

How to strengthen B2B sales te cuento cómo

en 3 claves para escalar: consistente y sin estrés.

1- Mindset - I believe that everything comes from within; successful leadership brings results, guarantees satisfaction and allows the whole team to flow.
2- Bases - I am curious. I developed my methodology based on my engineering background mixed with my knowledge of psychology and biology on human behavior.
3- Procesos - besides being a technologist, I am systematic- always looking for ways to do things faster and less repetitive - that's how my methodology was born.

Happy to share this formula with you through Sales2Bloom - increase sales and your sales team's consistency.

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Need to drive exponential and consultative sales in your tech company? Achieve it with mindset and processes, I'd be happy to help you!

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How do I scale my startup with little experience in Enterprise Sales?
How do I increase closed-won's without being ghosted?
How do I highlight the value of my over 1 million dollars offer?
I'm losing customers... or why are they choosing my competition?
How do I apply Growth strategies and differentiate the value of my product?
My startup is in hyper-growth, how come there are no sales month after month?

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Exceed your company's potential and goals, ARR > $20k, 8-figure sales goals... lead objections, negotiations, unique value differentiation for successful sales.

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Guides and cheatsheets to optimize B2B sales: with order and confidence.

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+ deals - time vs without method


I'm Rosbel Serrano-Torres, your B2B sales coach

Co-author of the best-seller book Empathetic Leadership

I believe that well-being and emotional health, in addition to reducing burnout, can provide exponential growth to companies.
I am curious by profession and I have been selling since I was 6 years old... I have been a technology consultant and engineer (Business Intelligence, e-commerce, cybersecurity) for more than 15 years.

I developed a methodology based on empathy as a transversal element in the leadership and sales processes. I help you scale your tech company through a proven methodology adapted for contracts worth millions of dollars.

- which works in times of crisis, with a small team or even high prices - used to grow AI startup from 1 client to unicorn valuation ($1B USD).

Happy to share this formula with you through Sales2Bloom - increase sales and your sales team's consistency.

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You may have seen me

service testimonial
Anderson D.
Latam Lead en startup de Tecnología

Rosbel is an achiever, open to dialogue and a hard-working professional. I totally recommend her to work on any team to upgrade your sales goals either in LATAM or International markets. She's always helping you to understand with patience and critical thinking.

service testimonial
Edwin C.
Director General en Empresa Tech

Me gustó garantizar buenas bases y entender la ciencia para seleccionar mejor, desde los copies, pienso que tienen más relevancia de lo que uno pensaría. Nos ayudó a investigar y enlazar con lo que tenemos.

Fue muy saludable y nos ayudó a hacer varios cambios metodológicamente para ajustar cosas que tal vez antes hacían sentido y necesitaban un nuevo enfoque, claridad, mayor calidad, etc.

service testimonial
Miranda C.
Account Executive en Startup de AI

Rosbel me enseñó a tratar con clientes de una manera más personal y generar confianza con ellos. Me ayudó a cerrar mis primeros contratos y a gestionarlos y manejarlos en momentos difíciles.

De Rosbel aprendí a ser más organizada desde una llamada inicial, seguimiento y priorización con los clientes al igual que el objetivo y estructuración de una llamada.
También es una persona extremadamente detallista y dedicada, me enseñó a hacer las cosas con dedicación y bien hechos sin importar lo que fuera.

1:1 Sales Coaching

Get a FREE* consultation. Discover the sales plan to grow exponentially with a satisfied team: exceeding your business objectives.

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Grow exponentially with success in B2B sales.

Smart practice makes perfect. Precise actionables to apply and improve your work from day 1.


Discovery Master


The value of your product and service


Prospecting priorities and qualified SaaS contacts


Generate leads that become opportunities


Communication and copywriting for B2B sales


Without NO fear


Opportunity Control


No more ghosting, control the sales cycle


Influence the decision process


Be an authority and expert when facing the client


Analysis and key metrics in opportunity


The Ace of winning presentations


Selling Tactics


How to scale a team with consistent results


Manage objections to beat the competition


Irresistible offer and pricing


Negotiation tactics


How to measure what matters to drive sales

Show me now how to strengthen sales >>

Discover and focus your B2B sales skills with tips, tools and best-practices.

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